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Assessments are used to rate the skill and interest levels of people within your organization.

Assessment types

There are two types of assessment:

Self assessment

People can assess their own skill level and/or interest level (depending on how you have configured the system) for each of the skills assigned to them. The self assessments feature is optional. If you use it, each employee will need to be able to log in to the system in order to undertake assessments. For information about enabling people to log see Adding people and enabling them to log in.

Supervisor assessment

Supervisors can assess employee skill levels and/or interest level (depending on how you have configured the system). The supervisor assessment feature is also optional. For more information about how this assessment is used throughout the system see How skill and interest levels are presented. For information about how to configure supervisors see Configuring Supervisors.

Updating Assessment Data

Updates to assessment data are usually accomplished by re-taking the assessment. This provides people with an opportunity to review previous ratings and adjust or update any that may have changed since the last assessment. Updating assessment ratings frequently is an important step in ensuring that data remains current and accurate.

For circumstances where you don't want to complete an entire assessment just to update a few assessment ratings, Skills Base contains a feature that provides the ability to update individual ratings outside of an assessment. By default this functionality is available to administrators, however administrators can grant any other person access to that feature via Security Group permissions.

Note that a person can only edit assessment ratings that they would ordinarily be able to set during an assessment. So, for example even an administrator cannot edit someone else's self-assessment ratings since it's not possible for an administrator to conduct a self-assessment on behalf of someone else.

To edit a rating, click the "Detail" tab on the person's summary page and the click the rating you wish to edit:


Integrity of Assessment Data

Assessment data can only be entered via assessments, manually by a person conducting/undertaking an assessment. So, it's not possible to import assessment data, or to otherwise programmatically set it via the Skills Base Rest API for example.

The main reason for this is to ensure the integrity of the data. The particularly applies to the self-assessment data which by definition must be a true representation of the person's own views of their abilities and interests. As such the protection against tampering from any other source ensures the self assessment data is truly "self-assessed" at all times.